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A very warm welcome to our website, introducing a trade show based out of Denver called “Alternative Breaks” which as the name suggests, features the best of the best alternative home improvement concepts which will not only smoothen your daily chores and activities but also bring in a kind of stability mixed with innovation into your household schedule!

So watch out for us, as we are coming in soon!

Some of the feature businesses that you may look out for:


Powertec Electric Inc.

Their motto is simple yet powerful,

“ No job too big or small “ and completely defines their commitment towards their clients and are capable of taking on any challenge in the electrician business and will cater to all needs be it change of a residential knob or even commercial lighting.

They are not only known to get the job done but also leave the place spick and span, maybe even better!


Maid Complete

Tired of your monotonous cleaning schedule? Want a break? Moving in? No worries. Cleaning Companies in your areas will have you covered with specialized professionals who will show up at your place with the best products and will guarantee you the best service. Even if your house looks like it has been hit by a hurricane, they have got it covered with their executive packages – Deep. Green, Move In/Move Out and Add on cleaning services. Just watch out for them to see what other tricks they have up their sleeves.

Bathroom Pros

Renovation has a new name, and that is in fact the Bathroom Pros who are specialized in renovating and remodeling bathrooms according to the client’s requests and bequests. They have been popular due to word of mouth, which speaks leaps and bounds about their quality and service. Not only that, they understand that a bathroom fantasy is real and acknowledge the crazy demands and try to accommodate every little detail. Look out for this crazy bunch trying to swindle you into a bathroom fantasy of your own!


Quality Heating and Cooling

They have been known to be one of the oldest in the business, starting out with only helping out friends and family and growing on to become a huge name in the industry. If you are ever in need of changing your air conditioning system or repairing that old water heater or even accommodating a new heating system, think no more. Quality Heating and Cooling, as the name suggests only focuses on Quality no matter how much time and cost it involves, as they believe that comfort comes first, do stop by to check them out!


Bud’s Warehouse

A new concept to Home Improvement, Bud’s Warehouse is a non-profit which consists of antique home improvement supplies which have actually been donated by many homeowners, contractors and builders for they believe that it may just beautify another home and bring about a smile in someone’s life.

Denver Marble Concepts

Another Home improvement concept being the Denver Marble Concept Company, which focuses on the look of luxury and elegance combined with affordability. It majorly focuses on marble countertops, cabinet’s glass and more. They have utmost commitment to their customers and believe that the use of their products would provide an extra oomph to any home!

Basements and Beyond

Established since 1994, the company emphasizes on the less focused parts of any home, that is the “Basement” and believe that even basements deserve a chance at remodeling, be it into an extra office space or kitchen or even a playpen for your kids never-ending demands! Do check out their new perspective and ideas, you won’t be disappointed.

Denver Home Concepts

Another one of the every exquisite home building and remodeling companies which leave no stone unturned when it comes to their customer’s demands and have experience in custom building and construction by the use of technologies which are innovative and easy to use and adapt to as well.Not only that they also believe in providing consultation in Construction and also DIY Training.

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