About Us

Alternative Breaks

We are a group of highly motivated and inspired members who have put in a lot of hard work into organizing a trade shows focused majorly on alternative home improvement concepts, especially situated in and around Denver.gh

We are of the idea that every homeowner, trader, builder or contractor should get an idea of the alternative concept out there and not take the stereotypical method for any kind of remodeling or construction. We wish to provide information in the form of workshops for the ever so curious and also a space for those companies, which want to showcase their unique concepts and products!

The trade show is scheduled to be held in Denver on the 15th September 2013 in the Convention Center, from 10 am onwards.

Please register yourself if this is something you would love to know more about, and if not, please do share our page and spread the word to those you know who would be benefitted by the same!

Thank you so much!